Why this name for your team?

The girls started when they were 8/9 yrs so their reasons are simple. fIreFLY... cos there’s an ifly inside the name, and they think they will light up the tunnel when they fly in the tunnel. :)

When and why was the team formed ?

Started flying in 2011 as talents in ifly Singapore’s commercial. In 2012, they performed as a pair for the opening ceremony. They were then asked to take part in iFly Singapore’s 2012 World Championship. So they might really be one of the longest paired 2 way team today, even though they are only 15-16 yrs old. They took part in Bedford in 2013, and that changed everything for them. They met teams, and were motivated to do much better. And now, they have been flying for 7 years, which is nearly half of Kyra’s life.

Where do you train ?

iFly Singapore.

Who are your sponsors?

iFly Singapore sponsors all our training in Singapore and also one official FAI Comp every year. We’re grateful to Freeflyforever and Cookie Helmets who have sponsored our suit and helmet in the last 3 years. This year, our suits and helmets are sponsored by Deem and Skyhelmets.


When did you start flying?

Kyra:2011 ‒ 8 years old
Yixuan: (pronounced EE, SH-anne). 2011 ‒ 9 years old (Josh from Nemesis calls me Shenny, some people call me Yx, but I like neither)

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?
Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Kyra :300 hours, Yes I have tandem jumped on my 12th birthday in Australia.
Yixuan :260 hours, Never skydived. (Yixuan stopped flying for 1 year hence the number of hours, and she only started doing solo this year)

What is your main achievement?

Last year’s FAI when we got 2nd in Montreal. We really trained very hard for that comp and felt we put in our all, especially after Poland when we were beaten even before we went into the tunnel and ended 4th. We went to Montreal with confidence and we were very proud that despite us not winning the competition, we knew we put our absolute best. And that is what matters. We are going to Voss to take our AFF in June. Kyra turns 16 on 8 June and we’re starting our classes exactly on that date. We can’t wait to skydive.


Why are you flying ?
What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Yixuan : I love flying because it allows me to do something that gives me freedom. Not everyone has that chance to do this niche sport, so I feel I’m really lucky that I’m a chosen ambassador by iFly Singapore that gives me this ability. What fascinates me is how we can be super creative and do things you would never be able to do out of the tunnel. I love it when the two of us can do some tricks that are unique to us.
Kyra : I’m flying because I love it. I love how I am able to do things otherwise impossible to me, except when I’m in the tunnel. I’m really clumsy out of the tunnel. What I love most about flying would be the friends we have met around the world. What fascinates me most is how fast the sport is growing and how new tricks or moves are done every single competition. It’s like never boring because you learn something every day, and I can’t wait to see how the sport will evolve even more. The rules are changing all the time and I mean that in a good way, which other sport gives you such excitement? We never stop learning. So I love that most.


Have you ever been to Japan ?
What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Yixuan : No. My first time to Japan…. I’m excited most to see my friends again. And yes, because we’re going to train in Japan this Thurs for our March holidays…. I’m excited to ski and eat Japanese food!
Kyra : Yes. I Love Japan. My family comes to Japan at least once, sometimes thrice a year. On all other times, we come here for relaxation or a holiday, so the fact that I’m going to be in one of my favourite cities to compete… makes me super pumped! Did I say I love the food in Tokyo? I’m excited to eat lots and of course fly lots. Haaaa. What makes me MOST excited this time is to show everyone what we have been planning and working on…. Our routine. It’s the first time we are flying our routine at the same speed as our speed rounds, so it’s been interesting working on a style that combines how fast we can go, in a graceful yet powerful way. We’re not done with our routine just yet, but I am super excited by what we have done so far. It’s the first time the comp is in Asia after Singapore, and being the only Asian team, we hope to do well and make our fellow Asians excited and proud.

FYI : Firefly is going to be in Japan 9-18 March for a holiday and training session. They come back to Singapore for school. Then we head back 4 days late 22 March for final training towards the comp!