TEAM Gravity



When and why was the team formed ?

Team was formed in October 2016, Gravity wanted representation within the competitive arena of indoor skydiving, i had been chosen as a team member but at the time i had very little dynamic and competitive experience, it was decided that i needed a mentor as my team mate which is where Ben enters the picture. Since the team's inception Gravity was awarded the bid to host the WCIS2018, myself and Ben will be representing Bahrain.

Where do you train ?

Our Training is done at Gravity indoor skydiving, the support received from Gravity is second to none.

Who are your sponsors?

Gravity indoor skydiving


When did you start flying?

Ben Roane: 2011
Garth Lewis: 2014

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?
Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Ben: A lot. / 1500 jumps
Garth:I honestly have no idea on this one.... / 450 jumps

What is your main achievement?

Ben : Proudest is hard for me. Maybe just super happy to have seen so many people and the sport progress.


Why are you flying ?
What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Ben: Flying because I love it and the people. The ability to create is what fascinates me.
Garth: I think being able to fly is something that every single human fantasizes about at some point in their life, when i realized that i could turn this fantasy into reality i quit my 9 to 5, sold everything i owned and moved half way across the world in aid of involving myself in the activity as much as possible, full steam ahead relentlessly chasing the dream. Flying leaves me with a sense of well being that just keeps me coming back for more, the progression can be hugely challenging but at the same time so rewarding. It keeps me focused, it keeps me driven. Life can get so hectic and complicated at times and it's so easy to get caught up in the chaos as life flashes you by, what i love most about flying ( Tunnel/Skydiving ) is that when i am in the wind i am completely 'present' , savoring the moment and focusing on nothing else, all worries and concerns drop away, the overactive thought process comes to a halt, it's just me and the experience at hand.


Have you ever been to Japan ?
What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Ben: No. Looking forward to sushi flying, robot shows and seeing all my family.
Garth: No. I'm not sure i'm able to pin point where my excitement is coming from, i'm just completely pumped about the whole thing! New territory, new culture, meeting up with old friends, making new friends, competing against the elite in an activity that i am super passionate about , i mean..... this was the dream in the beginning!