Hurricane Factory Prague



Why this name for your team?

Name was picked because HF is our main sponsor.

When and why was the team formed ?

The old base of the team was formed 2012 (Vojta, Jonas, Honza, Cestmir) for making the history of the sport. After many years of competing and few year break we put the team together again. 2018 Cestmir will became double daddy so we took to our team new young blood Tobias (16years old).

Where do you train ?

We are training in Hurricane factory Prague.

Who are your sponsors?

Our main sponsor is HF Prague, Boogieman suit and Skyhelmets.


When did you start flying?

TOBIAS CHALOUPKA: Started flying end of 2015
HONZA TUREK:Started flying April 2011
VOJTA FIKAR(Zohan):Started flying April 2011
JONAS KRASA: Started flying April 2011

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?

TOBIAS: About 80hours
HONZA:About 400hours of training time and 5000+ hours of tunnel time in total
VOJTA: 400 hours training time,5000+ hours spent inside the tunnel (working, coaching)
JONAS: 5000+ hours

Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

TOBIAS: Not yet :)
HONZA: I am skydiving for 3years and I have about 250 jumps
VOJTA: skydiving since 2012, cca 400 jumps

What is your main achievement?

- 1st place Czech Open Junior freestyle
- 8th place World Champion Ships Canada
- Junior freestyle, 2nd place, 1st WISC 2015 Prague
- FS 4way junior.Proudest moment is that I can fly in this 4way team and participate in Japan.

- 2012 Bedford 2way freefly
- 2013 4way dynamic Bottrop 1st 4way comp ever
- 2013 Bedford 4way dynamic 2nd place with TY Baird
- 2014 Bedford 2way dynamic 1st place
- 2014 Charlewars, 4way dynamic, 2nd place
- 2014 World war USA, 4way dynamic 4th place
- 2015 White nights, 2way and 4way dynamic, 2x 2nd place
- 2015 Clash of Champions Dubai, 2way dynamic, 2nd place
- 2015 1st FAI WISC Prague, 2way dynamic 5th place
- 2016 2nd World cup Warsaw, 2way dynamic, 7th place
- 2017 Windgames Spain, 2way dynamic, 2nd place
- 2017 2nd WISC Montreal, 2way dynamic, 9th palce
- Proudest moment for me is every competition I can be part of!

- Silver medal Dynamic 4way at World Challenge 2013
- Bronze medal Dynamic 2way at World Challenge 2014
- Silver medal Dynamic 4way at Charlewars I 2014
- 4th place 4way dynamic at World War 2015
- Bronze medal Dynamic 2way at Windgames 2015
- Silver medal Dynamic 4way at Whitenights 2015
- Silver medal Czech indoor nationals 2way dynamic 2015
- Silver medal Czech indoor nationals 4way dynamic 2017
- Bronze medal Czech indoor nationals 2way dynamic 2017

JONAS: - Silver medal in Europian tunnel league (ETL) VFS 2013
- Bronze medal Dynamic 2-Way at world challenge 2014
- Silver Medal Dynamic 4-Way at Charlewars (Belgium)
- Silver medal Dynamic 4-Way at White Nights(Russia)
- SIlver medal Czech indoor nationals 2-Way dynamic 2015
- 4th Place at the 1st FAI world championship 2015 (ginger and Fred)
- SIlver medal Czech indoor nationals 4-Way dynamic 2017
- Bronze medal Czech Indoor nationals 2-Way dynamic 2017


Why are you flying ?

TOBIAS: I am flying because I can and because I like it sooo much.
HONZA: I am flying because I love this new sport, I love to be part of this community and amazing people around, I like that I can also help to develop some things and its also my job.
VOJTA: Primarly At some point I reached such a flow with inner joy and freedom I didn’t want to stop at all. I felt that twice in my life and I will chase that feeling until I can. Till it becomes my usual state.
JONAS: Because I'm addicted.

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

TOBIAS: I love adrenalin what it gives me and freedom of the movements I can do.
HONZA: Right now fascinates me how fast the sport is moving forward and how many tunnels we already have around the world.
VOJTA: You ‘re never done with progression-there is so much to fix, to learn, to invent…
JONAS: It still fascinates me that few years ago I never heard of indoor skydiving and I couldn't imagine it.Now we get the chance to compete with this great people in this bririant sport and help this sport to evolve.


Have you ever been to Japan ?

TOBIAS: I have never been to Japan.
HONZA: I have never been to Japan before
VOJTA: No, it will be first time.
JONAS: I have never been to Japan.

What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

TOBIAS: I am looking forward to see this part of the world, the city itself, new tunnel, fast trains and maybe FUJI.
HONZA: I am so looking forward to seeing Tokyo because I love big cities. Also very curious to see new culture and explore the country after the comp. Local ancient culture so different to ours in Europe and also oposite hi-tech in progressive cities.
VOJTA: I wanna se local ancient culture which is so different to ours in Europe and also oposite hi-tech in progressive cities.
JONAS: I'm excited to experience and learn about the eastern culture and try their exiotic food.