TEAM HF Vipers



Why this name for your team?

We randomly just started to fly together and it meshed well.

When and why was the team formed ?

We have started in January 2016. Josh was working at the tunnel to pursue his dream of becoming one of the world's best indoor and outdoor skydivers. Andrzej was practicing his flying skills for the same reason. Together we are the Vipers. We share an intense passion for indoor skydiving, spending as much of our free time in the tunnel as possible. This passion is what drives us. We are a perfect match, giving our all to the sport, pushing each other to our breaking points, enjoying each other's company, and even going as far as to call each other brother.

Where do you train ?

Since we come from different continents we train in different tunnels all over the world.

Who are your sponsors?

HF, Deem Flywear, Tonfly, Skyhelmets and our families ;)


When did you start flying?

Andrzej Soltyk: 2015
Josh Ruiz-Velasco: 2013

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?
Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Andrzej:400+ hours / 150 jumps
Josh: 1000+ hours / 700 jumps

What is your main achievement?

Andrzej:winning the D2W World Cup in 2016 and the D2W World Championship in 2017
Josh: winning the D2W World Cup in 2016 and the D2W World Championship in 2017


Why are you flying ?
What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Andrzej:I love flying, I am addicted to it. I love to express myself in a different way and I love to be able to create art doing that.
Josh: passion and work. I love the feeling I get when i do it. Also that it’s such a young sport and I’m able to help and watch it grow.


Have you ever been to Japan ?
What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Andrzej: Yes. I would love to see Vipers winning :) and of course I would love to feel the magic of Japan, explore again an amazing japanese culture.
Josh: No. I’m excited to see different culture, food, and of course go for another gold.