Montreal Express



Why this name for your team?

We were playing with a Team Name Generator and foud MTL XPress. We like it cause our first competition was against Josh and Alex from Paraclete XP and we liked the similarity in the names. We were big fans of the guys and saw that as a way to pay them respect.

When and why was the team formed ?

Team was formed in 2012 I believe and for a IBA Tour competition that was held in Montreal.

Where do you train ?

Skyventure Montreal.

Who are your sponsors?

Team : Skyventure Montreal, Kiss Helmet
Guillaume: BoogieMan suits
JC: Vertical suits, UPT, PD, Vigil, L&B, Studio Pilates & Plus, Parachute Montréal


When did you start flying?

Jean-Christophe Ouimet (JC): 2007
Guillaume Boileau: Wind tunnel instructor since 2010

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?
Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

JC: 9 years of full time tunnel instructor/ 3000 jumps
Guillaume: Probably over 5000 hours / I have a total of 82 jumps. I stopped skydiving 3 years ago.

What is your main achievement?

JC: 2 bronze medal (FS & Vfs) at the 2014 World Parachuting Championship
Silver medal in VFS at the 2016 World Parachuting Championship
Multiple times dynamic Champion of Canada
IBA Examiner Rating

Guillaume: Quite a few medals for Freestyle, D2W, 4wayFS, 2way VFS over the years.
- 2nd place Freestyle at the first World Indoor Skydiving Championship (Singapore 2012)
- 3rd place D2W(Montreal XPress) at World War XP (North Carolina 2014)
- 1st place Freestyle and D2W at The Sunshine Showdown (Florida 2017)


Why are you flying ?

JC: Is simpe fly cause I love it. It's a fun thing to do that keeps me in a good physical shape and that is super challenging.
Guillaume: Because it’s awesome! I realized this is a sport that suits me very well and I’m good at it, comparing to many other sports...

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

JC: You simply never stop to learn
Guillaume: I’m fascinated about the endless possibilities of things it is possible to do, to create and to recreate inside wind tunnels.


Have you ever been to Japan ?
What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

JC: no. I'll be staying in japan for a full month! so there's tons of exciting thing i'll have a chance to see!
Guillaume: No. 1st time! Crowded streets, good local food, discover about Japan and its culture.