Prana Vayu



Why this name for your team?

“Prana Vayu” refers to the building life-force energy within the body, and translates literally as ‘rising wind.’ It's the excitement we feel as each competition comes closer, and it motivates us to train and seek our best.

When and why was the team formed ?

We began flying together in May of 2016, with hopes to attend Battle of the Blades at iFly Seattle. After we won, a seed was planted, and we were motivated to train more and continue competing.

Where do you train ?

Most of our training was at iFly Portland, with tremendous support from the Portland crew. We were fortunate to finish our free routine at the National Training Center in iFly Virginia Beach.

Who are your sponsors?

Alchemy Apparel
Boogieman Suits
Cookie Helmets


When did you start flying?

Cole Fehr: 2011
Timmy: Skydiving in 2010, tunnel flying 2012.
Dave Retzlaff ('Retz'): 2013- started instructing June 2015
Jeff Dimock: My first tunnel flight was in 2006, and I began working for iFly SFBay in 2009. Skydiving started in 1999

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?

Cole: 5,000+ hours
Timmy: 5000 hrs?
Retz: 2300 hrs(ish)
Jeff: 5000-ish hours, if you count coaching and instructing... complete guess, I really have no idea

Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Cole: Yes/320 jumps
Timmy: Yes, that's where I got started in the sport. I have 1350 jumps and do tandems and AFF as well. I realized tunnel was the way to improve my skydiving. Got into working in it and now it has become an awesome sport to be apart of and really exciting to see take off.
Retz: Yes- 1400 jumps
Jeff: Yes, about 3500 skydives

What is your main achievement?

Cole: 1st in Battle of the blades IBA comp (D4W)
1st in Flight of the Phoenix IBA comp (D4W)
1st US indoor skydiving nationals IBA comp (D4W)
4th World indoor skydiving championships (D4W)
2013 WA state head down record
2016 WA state head down record
Lead and T4 rated IBA trainer at iFLY Portland

Timmy: Life: Paramedic license, ironman triathlon.
Flying: 2015 HD VWR, 2016 HUWR, World championship participation with this current team in Montreal.

Retz: Chasing a pumpkin around in freeefall has to be my most enjoyable jump. It was fast!

Jeff: Started a farm last year with my lady, qigong instructor, yoga instructor... 4th in the world at the 2018 World Indoor Skydiving Championships was pretty sweet


Why are you flying ?

Cole: I enjoy flying not only because of its uniqueness but also because of the challenge in learning new tricks/moves/disciplines. There’s always something new to learn!

Timmy: I'm flying because I truly do love it. Everything else I get to do with it is a bonus. It puts me in a great mental state as soon as I get into the wind, one of the few times in life I get to be present. Everything is heightened in the wind.

Retz: I fly for the focus and the clear mindedness it brings, and playing in the wind with your friends is just FUN!

Jeff: I fly because I love it. It's exciting, challenging, fast-paced, and I learn something new every time. Flying can induce a kind of "flow" state, demanding 100% of my focus and attention. Whether we perform our routine or fly for speed, my mind is fully engaged and present. Short of 20 years of meditation, not much

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Cole: Seeing all the different styles of flying. What’s cool is that you can develop your own unique style and start getting creative with new types of flying.

Timmy: The creativity that others come up with, whether it's freestyle or dynamic free routines. There are some creative people in this sport, and it's rad to see what people come up with using their skills and the limited space.

Retz: The sport capitivates me because it's so different and three dimensional, which makes for unlimited potential.

Jeff: I am fascinated by awareness in general - body, mind, emotional, spiritual. Flying has taught me much about my body and mind, and being on a 4-way team of brothers-from-other-mothers has helped me expand emotionally and spiritually. As a coach, I love the moment when a student's awareness expands to feel something new for the first time. Celebrate! :-)


Have you ever been to Japan ?

Cole: Yes, I’ve been to Fukuoka and Nagasaki. Worked as a ripcord instructor/trainer through iFLY and got to sail through Japan for the first time.
Timmy: Nope! Never!
Retz: Never been to Japan.
Jeff: This will be my first time in Japan, so excited!

What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Cole: I’m excited to explore Tokyo and hang out with new/old friends.
Timmy: The cherry blossoms blooming, robot dinner shows, bullet trains, any bit of culture I can soak up.
Retz: Excited to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and anywhere else we get a chance to explore. And hoping to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom!
Jeff: So much will be happening - Japanese people & culture, cherry blossoms, Tokyo, Mt Fuji, tea houses, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima (hopefully), Flystation Japan, all my friends at the Sakura Cup, karaoke with my mom (she's coming to support!), and a thousand things I could never predict...