Why this name for your team?

The RB in RB2 is a play on letters. Amy and Jeff’s main sponsor is Red Bull. Ben and Devin have a coaching company called the Roane Brothers. Hence RB2!

When and why was the team formed ?

We started training together about 1.5 years ago. We are all friends that see each other at tunnels all the time. We thought is would be fun to train and compete together. It has been!.

Where do you train ?

All iFLY tunnels in the USA

Who are your sponsors?

・Red Bull
・L and B
・Cookie Composits
・Rigging Inovations
・NZ Aerosports

・Sky Helmets

・Skydive Spaceland

・Sky Helmet
・RoaneBros Coaching

・Red Bull
・Smith Optics
・L and B
・Precision Aero
・NZ Aerosports
・Five Ten


When did you start flying?

Amy Chmelecki : 2004
Ben Roane: 2011
Devin Roane :2006
Jesse Leos "Tex": 2013
Jeff Provenzano : 2004

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?

Amy : 2000 hours
Ben: A lot
Devin :1000
Jesse:1000+ hrs flying and coaching
Jeff: A lot

Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Amy : 17,000
Ben: 1500
Devin : 2500
Jesse : 1500+
Jeff: 19,000

What is your main achievement?

Amy: I have been a competitive body Piolt for a long time. I have competed and won in many different types of events over the years. I am most proud of time I have put in and that I am still going strong!
Ben : Proudest is hard for me. Maybe just super happy to have seen so many people and the sport progress.
Devin:Learning sit to head transition
Jesse: Multiple skydiving world record holder, lead freefly organizer at Skydive Spaceland, represented the USA in Dynamic 2-way at the 2017 World Indoor Skydiving Championships
Jeff : Still alive after 24 years of being in the game. Becoming a Red Bull athlete and a Hollywood stuntman. Taking mom and Dad on tandem Skydives.


Why are you flying ?

Amy : Flying my body makes me feel free and I love that feeling!
Ben: Flying because I love it and the people.
Devin :I have a passion for learning how to become a better flyer and also a passion for sharing what I do know about flying with others.
Jesse: I can't believe I'm getting to travel the world competing, coaching and organizing thanks to so many people's passion for bodyflight.
Jeff:Why walk when you can fly. I fly because it's the biggest air you can catch.

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Amy : Watching the sport evolve is fascinating to me. With in the community of body pilots people are getting better faster and the sport is evolving quick. People fly faster and can do more and more amazing tricks everyday. Yet most of the world still has not seen what is possibles. Watching a person experience body flight for the first time is amazing.
Ben: The ability to create is what fascinates me.
Devin :It's amazing to me we live in a time that there is a machine I can get into and fly around with my friends.
Jesse: Trying to keep up with the sport's constant evolution. Also, those tunnel skills then translate to pure freedom when you put them in the sky.
Jeff:When i was a kid, like most kids i dreamed of flying. I would visualize flying or floating above my neighborhood. I used to also have flying dreams that felt sooo real. The visuals of flying is what fascinates me. Especially in the wind tunnel being having walls around you puts 3D flying into perspective.


Have you ever been to Japan ?

Amy : No
Ben: No
Devin : Yes
Jesse: No

What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Amy : Overall I am excited to experience the culture. Taste their world renowned foods. I hope to see the Sakura Blossom in Kyoto and the Snow Monkeys in the hot springs.
Ben: Looking forward to sushi flying, robot shows and seeing all my family.
Devin :I'm excited to go check out a sumo wrestling match.
Jesse: I'm excited to see possibly the highest level tunnel competition ever so far in the sport's history firsthand. And see how much sushi I can eat.
Jeff:I am excited to see Tokyo. I've been to japan but never to Tokyo. I've heard Tokyo is insane crazy cool.