Windoor Vengadores



Why this name for your team?

Vengadores means ‘Avengers’ in Spanish. Because of the recent Windgames theme we thought the name would fit quite well.

When and why was the team formed ?

The team was formed in January this year (2018).

Where do you train ?

We train in Windoor Empuriabrava Spain.

Who are your sponsors?

Our sponsors are Windoor, Sonic and Turbolenza.


When did you start flying?

Joshua ODonoghue:Started flying in 2009
Luke Warren: 2013
Cesar Rico Garcia: I started in Windoor in December 2013.
Dani Gallego: I started flying as soon as i finished my instructor course at Windoor in December 2015. I started skydiving a few months after become tunnel instructor

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?

Josh: Thousands of tunnel hours, impossible to count.
Luke: I really don’t know how many hours in the tunnel.
Cesar: I have around 500 hours in the tunnel (training, coaching, first timers)
Dani: I flew around 200 hours in the tunnel during this time.

Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Josh: I have 500 plus skydives.
Luke: I have1600+ skydives
Cesar: I'm a skydive with around 90 jumps.
Dani: I have done 75 jumps until today.

What is your main achievement?

Josh: Im the indoor British national champion in 2 way dynamic.
Tunnel Instructor Examiner. Wind Games 2018 2WD Silver medal, 4WD Silver medal.
Clash of Lyons 2018 2WD Silver medal, 4WD Silver medal.
Flight Fighters 2017 2WD Silver medal, 4WD Gold medal.
British nationals 2017 2WD Gold medal
Wind Games 2017 2WD Gold medal, 4WD Silver medal
BodyFlight World Challenge 2016 2WD Gold medal.
World War XP 2015 4WD Gold medal
Barcelona Extreme 2015 2WD Gold medal
Battle of Bottrop 2012 4WD Silver medal

Luke: World FAI silver, windgames gold, British champion.

Cesar: My first competition was Wind Games 2015, since that:
7th World Championship Prague
4th Clash of Champions Dubai
2nd Wind Games 2016 Spain
5th Charlwars Belgium
1st Extreme sports veko Norway
7th World Cup Poland
4th 2WD Wind Games 2017
1st 4WD Wind Games 2017
4th VFS Wind Games 2017
2nd SoloSpeed Wind Games 2017
1st 2WD Airspace
3rd 2WD Voss Extreme Sports Veko
1st 2WD, 4WD Flight Fighters Bahrain
2nd SoloSpeed Flight Fighters Bahrain
2nd 4WD Clash of Lyons 2018
2nd 4WD Wind Games 2018
1st SoloSpeed WindGames 2018

Dani: My first competition was Wind Games 2017
Since that….
1st Airspace 2WD
3rd Voss Extreme Sports Veko 2WD
1st Flight Fighters Bahrain 2WD, 4WD
2nd Clash of Lyons 4WD
2nd Wind Games 2018 4WD


Why are you flying ?

Josh: Im flying because its my passion, it's what I enjoy, its where I can be creative, it allows me to travel the world and to meet a lot of people. It is also my career, I make a living from flying. Without it I would be a little lost.
Cesar: Im flying because bring me a lot of things…
Dani: I have never planned to become a flyer until i start as a tunnel instructor. Today I can say is a lifestyle for me.

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Josh: Indoor skydiving fascinates me because we are always learning in this sport. As soon as you think you know everything someone comes along and teaches us all something new. I love it.
Luke: Flying is new upcoming sport and very technical.
Cesar: my job is my hobby, this make me happy and i would like to fly as much I can during the rest of my life.
Dani: I really like to stay in the tube and forget about everything outside, feeling completely free.


Have you ever been to Japan ?

Josh: I have never been to Japan
Luke: I haven't been to Japan
Cesar: My first time in Japan
Dani: Its going to be my first time in Japan and i can’t be more excited.

What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Josh: I am excited to experience the Japanese culture and enjoy the food. I hear Japan is very beautiful and cannot wait to see and experience it for myself.
Luke: Can’t wait to explore the city and see the sites.
Cesar: I don’t really know how is gonna be this experience, but i would like to see everything there, i think its gonna be awesome trip.
Dani: This historic country is now on the top of technologic industry and applying it to peoples daily routine. I would love to know how people live there and their culture. I will see everything I can.