VossVind D2W



Why this name for your team?

VossVind D2W. Team named after the tunnel.

When and why was the team formed ?

We were keen on flying together and competing at a high level. VossVind D2W started flying together the summer of 2016 representing VossVind with a training plan that stretches through the World Championship in Canada and the World Cup in Bahrain 2018. We represent VossVind.

Where do you train ?


Who are your sponsors?

VossVind, Deem


When did you start flying?

Rune Aspvik: Rune comes from a skydiving background. Started to jump in 2011, worked 4 years at the biggest DZ in Norway doing AFF, video and Freefly coaching/organizing. Invested 50h in his own flying before he started to work at VossVind in 2014. Now Rune travels and does camps in different tunnels around Europe.
Marius Sotberg: Marius also comes form a skydiving background. Started skydiving in 1999 and joined the Norwegian national Freefly team in 2009. Started tunnel flying in 2009 and started as a full time tunnel coach in 2013.

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?
Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Rune: 1000 hours in tunnel / 1900 jumps
Marius: 1500 hours in tunnel / 6000 jumps

What is your main achievement?

Rune: Wind Tunnel
2015 D4W, White Nights, St Petersburg
2016 D2W, World Championship Prague
2016 D2W, Nordic Championship. Voss 1st
2016 D2W, Norwegian Championship Voss 1st
2016 D2W, Extreme Week Voss 2nd
2016 D2W, World Cup Warsaw 6th
2017 D2W, Nordic Championship Finland 1st
2017 D2W, Wind games

Marius: Skydiving
2009 World Cup Prostejov
2010 World Championship Russia 5th
2010 Nordic Championship Sweden 1st
2011 World Cup Sarlouise 2nd
2012 World Championship 4th
2013 World Cup Bosnia 3rd
2014 World Championship 5th
2015 World Games 5th
5 times Norwegian Champion Freeflying
Wind Tunnel
2012 D4W Voss Valhalla
2013 D4W Nights of Prague
2016 D2W World Cup Warsaw 6th
2017 D2W Norwegian championship Voss 1st
2017 D2W Extreme Week Voss 2nd
2 times Norwegian Champion


Why are you flying ?

No deep philosophy behind it. We just love to fly! We don’t ski much and we don’t play football, so we fly in the windtunnel instead. If you get the opportunity to compete on a high level in a sport like this, you better take it!

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Its the best job in the world!


Have you ever been to Japan ?
What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

We have never been to Japan. Be part of the highest level competition to date. Discover a new culture.