Why this name for your team?

Zion D4W.
Zion stands for a utopian place of unity, peace and freedom

When and why was the team formed ?

Our team was formed in 2014 as an outdoor freefly team to represent Norway in Freelfy, This is our 1st year with this line up as a D4W indoor team.

Who are your sponsors?

Voss Vind, Foxy plane, Skydive Deland. Vigil AAD, Performance Designs, Larssen and Brussgard, Boogieman suits, Cookie helmets, FNLF (Norwegian skydiving federation) and ourselfs ;)


When did you start flying?

Anna Moxnes (Bibs): 2004 Skydiving 2008 Tunnel
Petter Stensvold: started flying in 2013
Andreas Mosling aka The Moose: Started flying in 2012
Ignacio: first flight at 13 years old but didn't really get into it till 2013

How many hours have you flown in the tunnel?

Anna: Absolutely no idea how much tunnel time.
Petter: not sure about how many tunnel hours
Andreas: About 150 hrs of tunne
Ignacio: 1000? hours

Do you skydive and if yes, jump numbers to date?

Anna: 4500+ Jumps
Petter: Yes, 3500 jumps
Andreas: I love skydiving! About 3500 jumps
Ignacio: 8000+ jumps

What is your main achievement?

Petter: 3rd place in the European Championships 2017, Freefly
Ignacio: Nordic champion in d2w, proudest moment.... becoming a father


Why are you flying ?

Anna: Flying for me is very personal. I am inspired by human flight, I am driven to fly (body, canopy, anything) and my passion is ignited daily by the process of learning to fly. I would not considered myself as a natural athlete but flying is not exclusive, you can be tall, short, thin, round, old young, green or pink and still... you can fly :)
Petter: I like everything about it.
Andreas: I love the challenge of trying to control my body in a fairly unknown element.
Ignacio: for the feeling

What fascinates you about flying/indoor skydiving?

Anna: My specific flying philosophy is routed in freefly (our skydiving discipline) I love freedom of expression, and fluidity in movement with a bold energetic edge.
Petter: The concept of staying in “freefall” for a long period of time
Ignacio: the absolute freedom you feel


Have you ever been to Japan ?

Anna: I have been to Japan once for 24hrs
Petter: No
Andreas: First time in Japan
Ignacio: yes

What are you excited to see / do in Japan ?

Anna: I am excited to see all Japan has to offer, but I do expect of course sushi and a touch of Karaoke ;)
Petter: Eat sushi, See the culture, fly.
Andreas: Stoked just to see Japan! The legendary Cherry blossoming and sushi is of course on the list.
Ignacio: fly! eat! meet new friends